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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Have you ever looked up the list of phobias? There are hundreds of them. Yet, the one I suffer from did not make the list. I have always feared losing the one thing that has meant the most to me, other than my family, of course. Losing my photos and my children's memorabilia. How is there not a name for this? I know that I am not alone in this as I have met other people that share this fear.

Why are photos so important to us? They connect us to our past. Our photos are part of our legacy and tell our story. We can look at photos and relive an event, and remember loved ones that are no longer with us.

The internet is full of self-help articles on how to overcome your phobia. There is not a one size fits all solution. This is what worked for me:

I wrote out a plan and broke it into small steps. I dedicated about 30 minutes per week to organizing and preserving my photos.

Be patient with yourself. If you are like me, you have years worth of photos. You didn't acquire them overnight and you won't be able to organize and preserve them overnight.

If the task seems too daunting it is okay to reach out and hire a professional photo organizer (like me). If you are not in my area and would like someone local to you, click this link:

Photo credit: lucidwaters

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