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Welcome. I am so glad you are considering preserving your memories. 

I started Beechwood Photo Organizing because I know the importance of preserving our memories (pictures and memorabilia).

As a certified photo manager through The Photo Managers, I will create custom solutions for your photos including organizing, scanning, custom photo gifts, photo books, media conversion, and backup solutions.

Lisa Tanis

My Story

I have a passion for helping people get organized and hearing their story. I believe family photos are a great way to tell a story. 

After losing my mom in 2013, I returned to my job only to find I had been laid off.
I am not one to sit around and have other people dictate my life so, I started a bookkeeping business. I had great success right away. One of the calls I received was from an older gentleman who was a retired builder and needed his books closed. Once we had our meet and greet I began working for him. However, closing his books was not what he had me do. He asked me to create folders on his computer, scan his printed photos and move them to the folders that I had created.  I really loved scanning his photos and listening to the stories of his family and travels all over the world. At that time I had no idea I could make this a business. As fate would have it, I came across an article written by APPO, now called The Photo Managers (TPM). I was excited to learn that this could be my career.

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