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Certified Photo Manager


to Beechwood Photo Organizing! I founded this business with a clear mission - to help individuals preserve their cherished memories, including photos and memorabilia. As a certified photo manager from The Photo Managers, I specialize in creating personalized solutions for your photo needs. My services include expert organization, meticulous scanning, custom photo gifts, photo book design, media conversion, and robust backup solutions.


I am passionate about helping others achieve organizational harmony with their family photos, which are a powerful means of storytelling.

Lisa Tanis

My journey into this profession began unexpectedly in 2013. After losing my mother and being laid off, I started my bookkeeping business. A chance encounter with a retired builder seeking help with closing his books led me down an unexpected but fulfilling path. As I created computer folders and scanned his printed photos, I discovered the joy of preserving memories and listening to captivating stories of his family and travels around the world.


Little did I know that my unique blend of bookkeeping and photo organizing would evolve into a thriving business. Fate led me to an enlightening article by APPO, now known as The Photo Managers (TPM). This revelation ignited my excitement, revealing the potential for a fulfilling career in the world of photo organization.


Join me at Beechwood Photo Organizing, where every photo holds a story. I am here to help you capture and preserve those precious moments.

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