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Family Taking a Photo


Boxes of slides
Completed project
Custom Photo Books


Photo restoration


Sticky Photos

Some of the photos had old tape to hold them. I carefully removed the tape and the sticky residue. 

Photo Mess

Before Picture: Client project. Client brought me 7 old albums, 6 of them were the "sticky" albums. I removed the photos from the album.

Completed project

After picture. Photos were scanned and digitized. Backed up 3 times. Now the client can easily find his photos. They are organized in these archival boxes the same way they are organized on the thumb drive and in the cloud. 


Photo Mess
Completed project

30+ years of memorabilia and photos (Before)

Sorted, digitized, organized and put on an external hard drive for the client. (After)

Podium with Hearts and Balls

What Clients are saying

"My husband and I feel so blessed that we were able to connect with Lisa.  We give her services our highest recommendation.  From the moment we met her we knew she was the right fit for the magnitude of our photo organization needs.  She is very professional, competent and took the time to listen to all of our questions and concerns. Prior to meeting Lisa, I was absolutely overwhelmed with over 100,000 digital photos.  My fear of losing photos caused me to back up photos on multiple devices but I did not have a way to organize my photos.  I rarely deleted a photo out of fear of losing a memory.  I had purchased software to try to organize my photos on my own, but the programs were beyond what I could deal with.  Before meeting Lisa, I truly felt my situation was hopeless.  I looked at the website and found that Lisa was in West Michigan. I contacted her right away.  At our request, she deleted the duplicate photos.  Over 60,000 photos were in duplicated on multiple devices She presented us with an unmatched organization system.  I have all of my photos backed up on one hard drive with a printout of the contents.  She gave us a clear printed plan to stay organized going forward but also assured us she would be willing to help us if things got out of control again.  Working with Lisa was absolutely the best decision we made in 2020."

Andy & Judy B

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