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October is National Archive Month

The entire month of October is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of archiving records. Why is this a big deal? So future generations will be able to view, learn and share history. Being an archivist is something I do as a photo organizer. Not only have I archived my own photos but my clients photos as well. Printed photos, memorabilia and important documents are digitized so families can pass these on to future generations. For example, genealogists use archival records to trace their family. That would not be possible if birth certificates, marriage and death certificates had not been archived. Businesses archive records as well. Stories and history would be lost forever. Having family photos give children a sense of belonging and boosts their confidence. Have you archived your photos? It will take some time, but you can do it.

Here are 5 steps to get you started. (Condensed version)

1. Gather the photos, slides, negatives, records and memorabilia you want digitized.

2. Purchase or rent a scanner. You can also use your digital camera or mobile device. Download a scanning app.

3. Decide on a digital photo hub. You can get a 2TB external hard drive for a reasonable price. Then back that up! I recommend backing up to a cloud storage of your choice.

4. Start scanning.

5. Share and enjoy.

Photo by Ula Kuźma on Unsplash

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