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World Backup Your Data Day - 4 Reasons You Should Digitally Store Your Photos

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

There is a national/world day for just about everything these days. Some are whimsical, while others are historical. Many are just downright silly. But one that makes good sense in the ever more image-dominated and technology-driven world we live in is World Backup Your Data Day on March 31st. While I'm not one to tell you not to celebrate National Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day on August 9th or National Odd Socks Day on November 15th, let's talk about the four reasons why converting all your digital photos into secure cloud-based storage is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday taking place this month on the 31st.

#1 It Saves Some Precious Space In 2020, the average user had 630 photos and 24 videos stored on their mobile device. That is a whole lot of pictures and storage space being used! By having all your images digitally stored in a cloud-based program and on a thumb drive or external hard drive, you can get rid of the majority of those photos on your phone and know that you will always be able to access your memories easily, securely, and perfectly categorized and keyworded.

#2 Because Security is So Crucial The world can be scary, and we all know that our technology is always vulnerable to a cyberattack or different forms of hacking. Some of these can cause data to be wiped completely from your phone or even held for ransom. Your photos are irreplaceable. If you back all your photos up, you can have some peace of mind that even if something happens to your phone, the hundreds of photos on your phone won't be compromised or lost.

#3 It Makes Sharing Simple Photos are meant for sharing. Yes, we can all send a single picture or two via text or email, but what if you want to send multiples or even a whole album? It can bog down your phone or even refuse to send at all. With your photos backed up, you can easily share them through different platforms, make for easy printing orders, or use them to design gifts without all the hassle of combing through all the photos on your phone or looking through old texts and emails.

#4 Because Someone Does the Work For You! This is the reason that is for all of those who don't feel particularly technology savvy. You don't have to do any backup work when you have us do it for you. With no expertise or technology needed by you, we can create the perfect digital photo storage setup for you. Whether this is a thumb drive, cloud-based access, or an external hard drive, there is the right choice for your unique set of photos. That means your digital images will always be right where you need them to be. No IT degree is required.

Celebrate National/World Backup Your Data Day on March 31st by keeping your precious memories safe, secure, and available to enjoy and share for years and years to come!

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