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Memories in a Snap

If you’re like many people, your digital photo collection is growing at an alarming rate. Did you know 1.72 trillion photos are taken every year? This number does not include the photos taken by professional photographers. It’s important to note that most of the photos taken with smartphones are selfies, photos of food, and various snapshots.

According to, by the year 2030 we will have taken close to 28.6 trillion photos. With the average person taking an average of 20.2 photos every day, it is important to clean up our camera roll at least once a week. In my industry, we call it culling our photos.

With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones, it can be easy to take hundreds or even thousands of photos without realizing it. But while having a large collection of photos may seem like a good thing, there are some important reasons why culling those images is essential.

First off, culling your photos helps to keep them organized and easily accessible when needed. Sifting through thousands of images can be time-consuming and tedious if they aren't properly labeled or sorted in folders by date or event name. By regularly going through your photo library and deleting any unnecessary shots (like duplicates), you're able to keep things neat and tidy so that finding what you need won't become overwhelming later on down the road!

Another reason why culling our photos is important has to do with storage space; both physical hard drive space as well as cloud storage services such as iCloud or Google Photos which have limited capacity for storing files - meaning that if we don't delete old pictures then we'll eventually run out room for new ones! That's why taking some time every now and again to go over our photo libraries will help make sure everything stays manageable in terms of size too - plus it also gives us an opportunity to prune away pictures of food, sales, and items to purchase later and blurry shots.

Finally, regularly reviewing our photographs allows us to appreciate all the memories associated with each one more fully, something which would simply get lost among countless other snaps otherwise! So next time you find yourself sifting through piles upon piles of unedited holiday pics from last summer – take a few minutes here & there to review, process and enjoy each moment captured along the way.

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