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Make 2022 The Year You Digitize Your Photos

There was a time we all took photos with real cameras, not with our smartphones. You carried a camera and roll of film with you to family gatherings. Disposable cameras were given out as wedding favors, and you threw several in your bag on vacation. A Polaroid was the instant photo. The result? Albums full of pictures...if you were an organized person. Like many people, you ended up with Tupperware or shoeboxes full of pictures with no discernible organization or categorization. Unfortunately, this is not the safest way to store all your precious memories. Let’s make 2022 the year you have them all digitized so you can access them through a cloud-based program and an external hard drive quickly. Your notion of photo organization and storage will never be the same.

Why Digitize? There are many reasons to digitize your photos in albums and boxes, but the most important of these is preservation. You may have decades of pictures at your home. Weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, holidays, and even the day you brought home your family’s first dog. Left in albums and boxes, they are susceptible to fire, water damage, aging, pests, and a host of other external factors that may very well be out of your control. Digitizing your photos gives you peace of mind that you will not lose those memories if anything unfortunate happens. Even if the external hard drive is damaged, your photos will still be available in the cloud-based program.

How Does It Work? Taking your photo albums or boxes of pictures and digitizing takes time and effort, but it is a labor of love. The process starts with creating a filing structure for the printed and digital photos that you provide. That’s right! We can combine both your print photos and digital all into one system. Next, your print photos are scanned at 600 dpi and uploaded into a cloud storage account or on a thumb drive. To make it easy to access and find the images you are looking for, we create tags or keywords that you can effortlessly search. A backup is created in case of any technical failure or another disaster that may occur.

What If My Prints Are Damaged?

Life happens. Maybe your prints have been damaged from being in boxes and have gotten a bit bent or torn. Perhaps they are just well-loved and were taken in and out of albums and passed around at family events. The result is their condition being less than ideal. Whatever the case, the great news is that many of your old, torn, and faded photos can be brought back to life through repair and restoration. After the proper repair, they can be digitized and added to your wonderful collection of memories that will be cherished for years to come.


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