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It's Tulip Time

I have a love/hate relationship with the month of May.

My town holds a Tulip Time celebration every year in May. We get an estimated 120,000 plus tourists from all over the world. It becomes difficult to travel anywhere in this town for about two weeks.

Over 100,000 tulips are planted every year downtown and there is a local tulip garden to visit as well.

May is already a busy month for me with birthdays, Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

The tourists are taking so many photos of all the tulips, dutch dancers, windmill and Lake Michigan. What do you do with all your photos when you take a vacation?

Here are a few tips to organize your vacation photos.

Get all your pictures off your camera/phone. (Hopefully you already have a program that you use as a photo hub.) For now, save them to a new folder, ie, 2019-May-Michigan- Vacation. As your photos are downloading, think about what you want to do with your vacation photos. Are you going to print them out to put in a traditional photo album, create a digital photo book or have some home decor made?

Now that your pictures are downloaded to your computer, take some time to go through your pictures and delete any unwanted photos and mark your favorites with your computer programs rating system.

Add metadata to your pictures. Metadata is information about the picture such as date, place, people, etc. The date should already be included with the metadata so you can add place and peoples names. If you do this right away you wont forget the memories that go with each picture.

Once you have deleted all the unwanted pictures and chosen your favorites it's time to share them. If you have decided to print them out make sure you store them in an archival quality box or traditional photo album. I love Archival Methods for storage boxes. Kolo makes beautiful traditional albums. Hobby stores have some archival boxes and albums as well. No sticky albums! Read my previous post why you don't want this type of album.

If you decided to make a digital photo book, there are lots of great companies. Forever is my favorite, (ask me for a link) I also like AdoramaPix, Picaboo and Mixbook.

Enjoy your vacation photos!

Tulips in Holland Michigan: Photo by Beechwood Photo Organizing

For more information on Holland's Tulip Time Festival:

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