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Give the Gift of Memories

I can't believe there are only 24 days until Christmas! This year has flown by.

I have gathered some free and low-cost gift-giving ideas.

  1. Create a slide show- Create a slide show in minutes whether you have an iPhone or an Android. iMovie is so easy to use. (see my previous blog on how to create a slide show using iMovie). If you have an Android, just open the Google Photo App, Find the photos you want to include, locate and open the photo you want to see first, click on the three dots located on the top right, in the options below the photo click slide show.

  2. Scan your old photos - Digitize your old photos and then create an album in the Photos App on your smartphone. Share it with your loved one. They will love seeing the old photos and you will be preserving your photos at the same time. You can use your home scanner or most libraries offer scanners for free. Make sure to scan at 600 DPI minimum.

  3. Create a home video - It's so easy to make videos on our smartphones. Include your kids/grandkids reading a story or participating in their favorite activity. You can use still photos and short video clips.

  4. Share your favorite recipes - Create a recipe book with all of your favorite recipes. You can also get a few recipes from each family member including your aunts, cousins, and siblings.

  5. Create a family tree - There are several free genealogy websites and templates for starting your family tree. Most libraries have a genealogy department with very helpful staff willing to assist you.

  6. If you run out of time you can always reach out to me for a gift certificate good for any amount and any of my services.

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