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Free Services Come with a Hefty Price

Have you heard the saying "if you are using a free product you are the product"? When you sign up to use a free service or product (not to be confused with a free trial), your data is being sold to advertisers. That is a price I'm not willing to pay.

I'm one of those people that like to research everything before I make a decision. When I first became a certified photo organizer I came across several businesses offering "safe photo storage". Unfortunately, two of those businesses are no longer in business. I'm happy to say the one I choose is still in business and I don't worry about them going out of business. I choose to store my photos with a company called FOREVER*. This is what I found on their website: "No Data Mining. We are committed to an experience where you and your private information are not the product up for sale. We will not sell or rent your personal information, disclose your information to third parties, or sell advertising against your content. The information we collect about how you use our services is used solely to provide customer support, complete your requests and transactions, and to help us understand how to innovate and improve our services over time."

And most importantly "FOREVER® Guarantee. We guarantee that we will preserve your memories for your lifetime plus 100 years, and our goal is to keep your content safe for 1,000 years or more."

Where do you store your photos? Do you have a 100-year Guarantee?

I would love to help you preserve your memories.

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