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Choosing an External Hard Drive

When it comes to backing up your photos, an external hard drive is a great option as part of the 3-2-1 backup. But with so many different types of drives available, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some tips on choosing the best external hard drive for your needs.

1. Capacity: The first thing to consider when choosing an external hard drive is capacity – how much storage space will you need? Consider what type of files and media you’ll be storing – photos, videos or music may require more space than documents or spreadsheets, so choose a size that meets your needs now and in the future. You can determine how much space your photos and videos are taking up by doing the following: On a Mac, choose the Apple menu>about this Mac>storage>manage>photos. On a PC: Select the Start (Windows Icon) button, and then select Settings>System>Storage>Pictures.

2. Decide On Connectivity Type: External Hard Drives come in multiple connectivity options such as USB 2., 3., Thunderbolt, etc.. - so make sure that whichever type of port matches up with whatever device(s) that will be connected to it (e..g laptop). Compatibility issues could create headaches down the road if not addressed properly upfront during the purchasing process.

3 . Look at Speed Ratings: When shopping around, pay close attention not only to the storage size but also to the speed ratings. Higher speeds offer faster transfer rates when moving data from one place to another.

4 . Read Reviews: Before buying your drive, always read reviews from users who have purchased comparable drives to help you pick what suits your budget while still providing the needed performance you are looking for.

5 . Consider the cost: Although it might tempting to buy the cheapest model possible, sometimes investing a little bit extra pays off in terms of reliability, and durability.

6. Should I purchase an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or an SSD (Solid State Drive)? HHDs are less expensive per GB and you get more storage space. SSDs are faster, lighter, more durable, and use less energy.

I hope these tips help you in choosing the right external hard drive.


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