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The Importance of Storing Your Favorite Family Photos

Whether digital or printed, family photos are sacred to us. They hold wonderful memories of birthdays, graduations, weddings, and many other special events. Sometimes they are of grandparents and great-grandparents we never knew, or aunts, uncles, brothers, or sisters we may have lost too soon to accident or illness. All these photos make up the fabric that is the quilt of our lives. Preserving these valuable keepsakes is essential, not only for ourselves but for future generations. Below, we will discuss three reasons why photo organizing is vital and why digital organization is a great choice.

#1 Everything In One Place

The best of us may think we have our organization skills down to Marie Kondo style. But, the likelihood that we are professionals at digitally storing photos is probably pretty low. Even if organized in several boxes or albums, it still creates a hassle when you are looking to pull pictures when the time comes. When stored digitally in a Cloud platform and on a USB, they are easy to find because they will be categorized and all in one place. This will also save you space on bookshelves and closets where all your photo albums and storage boxes were once.

#2 Printed Photos Become Delicate

If you have printed photos in albums, boxes, or even framed, you know that as the photo ages, it becomes delicate. They begin to yellow, become brittle, and are much easier to tear and damage. Printed photos are also susceptible to water and smoke damage and pests. By converting these into digital pictures, you can stop that aging process. Through photo preservation, the printed photos are saved digitally at the quality they are now and sometimes can even be repaired before being converted to digital. That means you no longer have to worry about them being damaged further when passed around at holiday gatherings to children or other family members.

#3 Memories Made Available to Everyone

Gone are the days of people keeping the negatives of photos so that duplicates could be made. Everyone has tried scanning or photocopying an image, and you know it never looks the same quality. You can raise your hand if you were someone who used photocopied pictures for school projects about your family history or genealogy back in the day. When stored digitally, a high-quality photo is always available for reprint. Whether for a school project, a gift being done in memoriam of a past loved one, or just because someone asked for an old photo of a special event, everyone can have a copy. There is no longer just one photo left of grandpa in front of his favorite old car or your sister at her high school graduation.

Our pictures are the literal record of our lineage, lives, and history. They are worth preserving and having available to all family and friends for years to come. By converting them to digital storage, you will not only be able to access them easily but also share them, print them and enjoy them. It is all done easily, securely, and keeps them from both age and damage.

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