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Spring is on it's way!

When I think of Spring I think of new beginnings and cleaning my house. One of my favorite things about Spring is I can finally open my windows and have fresh air coming in the house.

Who decided we needed to clean in Spring? Here are a few thoughts according to; “Some historians believe that spring cleaning originated in Iran. Local people celebrated the New Year with a cleaning frenzy known as khooneh tekouni (shaking the house). This involved everything in the home being thoroughly cleaned. And all the family was expected to take part.

More recently, Catholic Priests and their congregations used to clean the altar just before Easter celebrations (during the spring). One school of thought is that this ritual was taken back into the homes of churchgoers.

Perhaps the most plausible explanation for the spring cleaning phenomenon relates to dusting. In 19th century America, people would dust and their homes in March — when temperatures

start to rise after winter. This was perceived as a time of year when it was safe to open windows for ventilation. Not too warm, not too cold, and not too many insects flying around.”

Here are a few tips for an enjoyable Spring clean.

  1. Tackle one room at a time.

  2. Start with something small, like the microwave.

  3. Ditch the chemical laden cleaners for natural cleaners, or better yet, make your own. Pinterest has a lot of great DIY cleaners as does google.

  4. When cleaning farmed pictures, spray your cloth, then wipe the glass in the frame. Never spray the glass directly. You could inadvertently get the actual photo wet.

  5. Clean your windows on a shady day for less streaks.

  6. Declutter your cameral roll. Delete the “reminder” photos and triple photos.

  7. Declutter your email. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes a day cleaning out your inbox.

  8. Don’t feel like you need to clean the entire house in one day.

Photo Courtesy of Beechwood Photo Organizing

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