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Ready for Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Photos!

Oh, spring. That wonderful time of year when the snow may have finally melted, depending on where you live, and the sun is shining once again. No matter what climate you live in, spring always brings a sense of being ready for the fresh and the new. When we open up all the windows and shake off the dust of the winter. This may mean some deep cleaning and organizing of your home or apartment. When you tackle your closets or under your bed and find all your photo albums and boxes, don’t just set them aside and place them back in the same spot to collect dust for another year…digitize them!

Below we will talk about the easy and convenient way to have all your photo albums and boxes converted to digital this spring. It will leave you extra space in those closets this year and with a bit less clutter.

How does digitization work?

There are four main steps to the process: scan & digitize, organize, archive, and backup. Each is important and ensures your photos are safe, secure, and filed in an easy-to-manage system in a high-quality, print-ready format.

Scan & digitize

You can take those boxes of hundreds of photos and have them condensed down to digital files that take up no space at all in your home. Depending on your preference of doing it yourself or hiring someone like me, they are scanned at 600 dpi and then uploaded into a cloud storage account, your computer (depending on how large your collection is) and/or to a thumb/external hard drive.


All those photos scanned into a storage account or on a thumb/external drive are no good without proper organization. So, a file structure for your photos is created from all your devices. This includes both printed photos that have been scanned and your digital photos.


The best part about having photos digitized in a cloud storage account or a thumb drive is finding the ones you are looking for quickly. Organized photos are tagged with keywords that allow you to locate your pictures quickly. You simply type in a word to search through your photos, and voila! The right photos are in the right place!


We all know technology fails, but luckily when photos are digitized and organized into albums, a backup is done on them. No matter if a thumb/external drive is ruined, there is the ability to recover all your photos. This is why the 3-2-1 backup strategy is so important. This is another perk of having print pictures digitized. If there is ever water, fire, or smoke damage at your home, those photos may be destroyed or too damaged to be restored.

Spring is a time to refresh and renew. Your priceless photos deserve that treatment too! This year when doing your spring cleaning, think about having them digitized for ease of use, preservation, and the extra space it will save you. It will be an investment worth making!

Suppose you are looking for other services this spring besides digitizing photos. In that case, there are services available for restoring old, torn, and faded photographs and creating traditional albums, photo books, or wall art that can add new life to your home this season!


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