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Google Officially Ends "Unlimited Storage"

Well, it happened - Google officially ended its “Unlimited Storage.” Back in November 2020, Google announced that as of June 1, 2021, users that were not part of “Google One” would have only 15 GB of storage within its platform. And that extends beyond Google Photos – this storage limit includes all the items you have in in Google Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and more. So, that means a few key things:

  1. Your photos are now competing for space against your emails, documents, and more.

  2. “High quality” photos (which are being renamed “Storage Saver” photos) will now count towards your 15GB - not just “original quality” images.

  3. Google knows it’s worth it to pay for storage.

There’s a reason why phones with more gigabytes are more expensive (and why we seem to be filling them up faster & faster): high quality storage requires space. And as our phones continue to advance, the size of their files increases as well. While it can feel frustrating to pay for storage, it makes sense if you care about your memories! Personally, I would take a high quality, printable photo any day over the grainy, pixelated mobile shots of the past. But storing on your phone simply isn’t permanent - we know that, you know that, Google knows that. That’s why cloud storage exists. But if free isn’t really free (as this has proven), then the question becomes: what kind of storage do you want to pay for? When you pay for permanent cloud storage through FOREVER, you’re paying for your memories to be preserved for your lifetime, plus 100 years, guaranteed. A large portion of your payment is deposited into the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund. The money is invested so that it increases in value and pays for the recurring maintenance and preservation costs of your storage, as well as the migration of your content to new digital formats, over time. In layman’s terms? FOREVER is a permanent solution. It is private, secure, shareable, and adaptable. Technology is constantly changing; this is built into the cost of FOREVER from the start - it’s not an additional fee over time. We’ll never blindside you because you are not the product. With FOREVER, you pay to own, not rent, a home for your memories. Let’s value permanency.


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