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How To Organize in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever noticed when you go shopping in January you see all kinds of totes and baskets prominently displayed? That's because January is GO month or "get organized" month.

I love the whole process of organizing. I know not everyone enjoys my enthusiasm for purging and organizing, so I have 5 tips to help you with the process.

1. You don't have to spend a fortune on totes, containers, baskets, and labels. I have purchased many items from my local dollar store.

2. If possible, choose clear totes. I love being able to see what is in the tote before looking at the label.

3. Give everything a home. When things are put away your home will look less cluttered.

4. Don't feel guilty for getting rid of items. It's okay to throw away birthday cards or things you don't need or use. If you have cards from someone that has passed away, I would take a photo of the card or item before tossing it out or donating it.

5. Donate to Goodwill or any local charity on a regular basis. You and the charitable organization will benefit from your generosity.

I like to look at Pinterest for organizing ideas and there are also tv shows that specialize in organizing. Shows on Netflix include; The Home Edit, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Happy, and Minimalism. Amazon Prime has Bea Organized, Design Doctors, and The Minimalist Lifestyle. Lastly, Hulu has Clean House.

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

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